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Competition Schedule


Middle School Competition

Mariachi Estrellas ICES Education - 12:00pm

Mariachi National School District - 12:15pm

Mariachi Los Halcones - 12:30pm

Mariachi Sol Azul - 12:45pm

High School Competition

Mariachi Amanecer Sunrise Mountain Las Vegas - 2:05pm

Mariachi Barones de Bonita Vista High - 2:20pm

Mariachi Azteca Montgomery HS - 2:50pm

Mariachi Nuevo Aguadulce Sweetwater HS - 3:10pm

Calling for Participants 

We are seeking mariachi group performers to showcase on the main stage. College, High School and Middle School groups are eligible to compete and will be ranked by experienced judges. Instructors are not allowed to participate in the competition. This is an educational festival with a focus on youth development in mariachi music. The top ranked competing group from the College and High School division will each receive a $1,000 educational stipend. The top ranked competing group from the Middle School division will receive a $500 educational stipend.





Calling for Non-Competing Participants

This area is for showcase performances that are not in the competition. These performances will not be judged by our judges. The space is limited and is dependent upon availability. 


Non- Competition Schedule


Sara Angel - 1:00pm

LBM Talent Academy Fashion Show - 1:25pm

Marina Saenz & Mariachi with Rope Dancer - 1:40pm

Mariachi International Voces de Jalisco - 3:40pm

Mariachi Estrellas de Chula Vista - 4:00pm

Charros de Rancho Del Sol - 4:15pm

Mariachi Corona de Angel de San Bernardino - 4:30pm

Grupo Folklorico Herencia Mexicana - 4:45pm

Mariachi Alma Juvenil - 5:00pm

Mariachi Angeles de Pepe Martinez Jr. - 5:30pm

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